Weekly Update 20/3-2020

Patch notes 20/3-2020

This week we worked a lot on implemeting multiplayer, so this patch will be pretty small content wise.

Tower not generating heat - Fixed a bug where the tower would not generate heat to the player

Machines going through the landscape - Fixed a bug where if you move a machine up on a hill, you go through the landscape. A lot with moving machines is still a WIP.

New animations for moving machines

New controls for moving the machines

New skysphere

New lighting 

Improved day/night cycle - The day and night cycle is now improved.

New interaction system - We've added a new interaction system that is less annoying and in your face, try it out and give us feedback!

Improved snowy waves

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I was wondering why I wasn't warming up anymore , thanks for fix for great game. Keep up the good work .