Monthly Update 21/05-2020

Patch notes 21/05-2020

We have had a little break on releasing updates, as you may have noticed. Good news though - we have now implemented multiplayer in 90% of the game and we're working on a brand new map, woo! 

We have also had some time to implement singleplayer features! Observe, saves from older versions may break and crash the game if you run them on this version!

We have also started a subreddit:

Improved day/night cycle

New hand model

New hand animations

New animations for pickaxe

New animations for axe

New animations for shovel

New animations and model to the research machine

New eat animation

A real loading screen - no more popping into the world

3D-printer now has a inventory and will gather all your crafted items

Multiple of new sounds

Multiple of new emotes

Optimizations to both back-end systems and graphics

You can now rotate all items that you can place in the world by holding "R"

You can now see how far you can drag a cable and have far you have dragged it

Improved climbing onto ledges (press space and you can climb onto ledges)

Trees now sway in the wind

Multiple of bug fixes

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