Weekly Update 20/3-2020 (Hotfix 2)

Weekly Update 20/3-2020 (Hotfix 2)

We heard your bugs and we fixed them! Also added a few quality of life changes.

Fixed quests that could not be completed.

Fixed so that the hologram of the fabricator is the actual size of the placed fabricator.

Fixed so now you can interact with the box inside the power house and at the other tower.

You no longer print a huge fabricator.

Added better collision to moving machines (Still a very WIP)

Added a background to the inventory so you easily can see the inventory/crafting UI.

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Hey having a problem  after the last patch update I am not able to lanch my game. When I press the launch button it says running then goes right back to the main itch screen.  Been that way for the last six 6 days.


Thank you for letting us know!

We are currently preparing for a new build. Hopefully this will solve the issue. We hope to have it out later this evening.

If the error persists after that please let us know and we'll try to fix it as fast as we can.

Stay tuned! :)

Thank you I hope so we enjoy playing your game  and have been able to do so and being  on a military  installation  that is on lockdown  playing games on our computers is the only enjoyment  during this virus outbreak.