Weekly update 24/04-2020

Patch notes 03/04-2020

These past 2 weeks we have been heavily focused on making our systems work in multiplayer, so singleplayer content has been put on a bit of a hold. But the good news is that we've added a few new exciting stuff and fixed some bugs!

Here's a multiplayer test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5vvXGqrahs&feature=youtu.be

Fixed not being able to launch the game due to missing "vcruntime140_1.dll"

Improved day/night cycle

Improved lighting

New skybox

New clouds

New sounds effects

Sound settings - you can now adjust the audio volumes of sound effects and music

Climbing (experimental) - You can now climb up on ledges, it's still in its prototyping stage.

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