Weekly update 03/04-2020

Patch notes 03/04-2020

This week we had to do a lot of paperwork for the future, but we still managed to squeeze a lot of new exciting content into the game. Everything from new models to QOL changes. We also worked quite a bit on reworking current systems to better fit multiplayer, so a lot of back end stuff was done aswell.

New trees - There are now new trees, currently working on implementating variation.

Inventory Slot Changes - Inventory slots now highlights when you hover over them with the mouse.

Inventory is now more forgiving - If you drop an item into the inventory, but not in a slot, it should now readjust itself into a slot.

Cancel Crafting - You can now cancel crafting proccesses by hovering over an item in the queue and left click on it.

Reworked Emote Menu - If you hold down T you will instead get a much more intuitive radial menu to choose emotes.

New Emote - You can now do snow angels and thumbs up.

Multiple of new sounds

Improvements on moving machines - Still a work in progress, but we hopefully made them a little bit better in terms of collision.

Improved day/night cycle


We're currently working a lot with implementation of multiplayer. May be a few weeks now that we will sparse on singleplayer content. Hope you understand! :)

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