Weekly Update 13/3-2020

Patch notes 13/3-2020

This week we worked on a lot of under the hood optimizations, so we won't face huge issues down the road and improve the development!

Machines not getting printed properly - Fixed a bug when the fabricator is printing and the printed machine just pops in and not getting properly printed.

Can print when a machine is on the printing area - Fixed a bug when you could print a machine when there's already a machine on the printing area of the fabricator.

Highlight items - Now all items you aim at gets highlighted.

Highlight powersockets - Now all the powersocket highlights on the machine that you're aiming at, so once the powersocket lights up - you can connect to it.

3D-printer not taking items from you - Fixed a bug where the 3D-printer didn't take the items from you when you're printing.

Connect cables to connected machines - Now you can't connect cables to already connected machines.

Improved cable hit box - Fixed a bug where the cable hit box got offset heavily.

New animations - We added new animations when moving a machine.

Snowy waves - Added snowy waves (not finalized).

Particle effect - Added particle effects to all new machines when they fold out.

Optimizations - We did huge amount of optimizations in our code this week on the machines, animations and inventory.

New sound - We added various new sounds (still work in progress)

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j'ai un gros problème , je peut explorer librement le jeu avant d'allumer la tour , mais une fois cette dernière allumer je ne peut plus m'en éloigner sans subir de dégâts ? normal ?

We will roll out an update for that soon!

Just downloaded the latest version, Storage boxes that you craft yourself still loose all contents when the game saves and reloads with empty boxes.

when trying to update pylon with 10 iron bars I have 50 in hot bar and 50 in inventory it tells me I don't have enough (10)? WTF. very frustrating.

Just downloaded the latest

Is it necessary to download every change and start again, or is there a way to just update changes?